Who’s Your Daddy?

Daddy’s Home
Rated: Pg-13
Director: Sean Anders
Cast: Will Ferrel, Mark Wahlburg, Linda Cardellini
Genre: Comedy

Mark Wahlburg and Will Ferrel are back creating another comedic masterpiece. This comical duo also worked together in the movie The Other Guys, which was also a success. This movie is funny and heartfelt.

Brad Taggart (Will Ferrel) never got to experience the joy of being a father. The next best thing is being a stepfather, and Brad wants to be the best he can be. Finally gaining the kids’ trust, he feels extremely accomplished. That is, until their biological father (Mark Wahlburg) comes to town. It then becomes an all out battle of the dads to win the approval of the children.

If you are in the mood to laugh, Daddy’s Home is the perfect movie for you to see this weekend.

The Cinephiles are award-winning seniors Cameron Everingham and Sydney Schoonmaker. Their movie reviews will be a recurring column on IL360.news.

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