Staff/Students Present Programs to Board

Sam Baker stood up and spoke during the cheerleading presentation to the school board on Monday night. ©Alyssa Langone

On Monday, March 28, the school board heard presentations from Erin Basgall’s cheerleading team and Nathan Jacque’s video productions, art and drama programs.

Coach Erin Basgall and some cheerleaders outlined how the cheer team has grown under her leadership and how it impacts student athletes. Several student athletes talked about their experiences on the team.  

“The team has been had an amazing impact on my grades,” freshman Faith Walters said. “It motivates me to get better grades so I can stay eligible.”

Cheerleading coach Erin Basgall presents the cheerleading program at Monday's school board meeting. ©Alyssa Langone
Cheerleading coach Erin Basgall presents the cheerleading program at Monday’s school board meeting. ©Alyssa Langone

The cheerleaders were not the only people that showed up to talk about the impact of their programs on the students. Some members from the drama program showed up ready to express how great the program is for the teens who go to our school.

“I went to the board meeting, because Mr. Jacques would like our support,” senior Parker Kandt said. “And I was happy to do it for the drama class.”

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