Sportsmanship Seminar 

The Ski Valley Conference Sportsmanship Seminar on Tuesday, November 10, was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. I got to go on this trip with Alyssa Langone, Tristan Overholt, Cameron Biskupski, Makayla Henckel, and Jarret Blumke. It taught us about enthusiasm, being a good teammate, and taught us how to become a leader. You have to show these qualities in order to be invited to this event.

“I believe I was chosen to go because I am nice to teammates, encourage them, and I am leader on my cheer team,” Langone said.

The six of us were taught many different things about being a leader and being a good sport. Being a leader means that you have to take control of a situation or group, but you need to lead in a friendly manner.

“I learned at the sportsmanship seminar that great teams have great leaders,” Overholt said.

When we are being taught something, the teacher does not talk just to hear themselves talk. They get you to try to use the information you learned and apply it to reality.

“I learned how to become a good sport even if you lose,” Biskupski said. “And I am going to use that in everyday life.”

In high school you create so many memories that will last a lifetime, the moments you share with your friends and peers. This Sportsmanship Seminar is one that will be kept close to the heart. So, thank you coaches for the amazing experience. The six of us are entirely grateful and always will be.

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