Sport Bloopers

Everyone has their blooper stories. Some have more than others. Some only have a few. Have you heard them from a sports perspective? Athletes can go on and on with their stories.


Hannah Wilson has tons of stories – from sports to hanging with friends.

“I have so many, I can’t remember them,” Hannah said.

She has a lot of them in basketball. Her favorite blooper was that she was before a game, and she was warming up playing 3-on-2. Hailey Shank was dribbling the ball down the court. Later on she tripped on Hannahs foot and fell on the ground. Hannah went over to Hailey to help her up and ask her if she was okay. Moments later, Hannah fell and hit the ground pretty hard. She got back and up, shook it off and started laughing and smiling again. During a practice Hannah was getting ready to play defense. As she was getting ready she trip over her own feet and fell and no one was near her.


Many athletes fall, but have you ever heard a story where two girls almost took the whole team down with them?

Jenny Shank said they were running laps at volleyball practice. The team was running in a bunch. She kicked Hailey Shank’s foot on accident and Hailey fell on her stomach and slid on the gym floor.

“When I fell, I was dying of laughter cause I didn’t know what just happened,” Hailey said. “Then, all of a sudden, I see Jenny flying across the ground on her stomach like a penguin.”

After that, Jenny said the team was hopping all around them trying to avoid the crash. A couple of the girls from the team and coach Wandrie walked in at that moment and saw everything happen. A couple seconds later, they started laughing too because they didn’t know what to think of the incident.

Indoor sports aren’t the only sports where things go wrong.


Eighth grader Amber Passino loves softball.

She’s been on multiple all-star teams and has many blooper stories. In one of her all-star games, she was pitching on the mound. She was getting ready to pitch the ball and when she was winding up, her glove fell off. She had to continue the pitch or it would be an illegal pitch. The girl hit the ball right towards Amber. She didn’t have her glove, so she used her hand to protect herself since the ball was flying right towards her. The ball crushed her hand and she fell to the ground in pain. No one grabbed the ball. The batter was running the bases. Finally some grabbed the ball, and the runner stopped.

Another time Amber was playing Pellston and her friend Kaitlyn Bricker was on the other team. Amber thought they had three outs. There was a runner on third base and her friend Kaitlyn was on second base. Amber was the catcher, and she started walked into the dug out. Her team was calling her name because the girl on third base ran home. Than her friend was rounding third and was on her way home. When her friend got to home plate, Amber was to late. Everyone was laughing, and the umpire wasn’t paying attention. Amber got mad at her friend, grabbed her helmet and started laughing and yelling at her at the same time.

“You did that on purpose,” Amber yelled to her friend.

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