New Beginnings

Being able to be a part of the varsity girls basketball program as a freshman is an honor as a student athlete. Coach Pat Clancy chose Mara Clancy and Precious Delos Santos and me to join them on their journey through the season.

“I’m glad they are apart of this program,” sophomore Lexi Brendly said. “I think they will be a good asset to the team.”

In order to get bumped up earlier on in high school, you would need to work during the off season and be a good team player. You need to be determined to learn more, accept feedback, and listen to peers in order to go far with your personal goals, but most importantly as a team.

“Varsity is completely different than eighth grade basketball,” freshman Mara Clancy said. “It’s a faster pace and a lot more up tempo. The coaches expect a lot more from you as a player and a teammate.”


When you are a part of something as important as varsity sports you need to be experienced, able to meet certain criteria, and have skills that you can use during a game and apply to daily life.

“Pulling up freshmen is a very delicate situation,” Coach Clancy said. “It takes the right player and circumstance for it to be successful. The most important skill to be a successful freshman is maturity on and off the court, understanding the big picture, and that is hard to do at such a young age.”

When you get the honor of being a part of something so big, you want to make sure that you remain worthy so you reflect well on your school. No matter if you win or lose, students should always have good sportsmanship. Have glory in victory, but be gracious in defeat.

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