Krampus Review


Rated: Pg-13
Cast: Adam Scott, David Koechner, Emjay Anthony
Director: Michael Dougherty
Genre: Fantasy/Horror

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout because a giant anti-santa claus/ goat demon is going to send you to hell? Also, his little band of terrifying helpers will try to kill you. Santa has his elves, while Krampus has his bloodthirsty gingerbread men… And what’s even scarier is that they are less than a foot tall and completely edible. And if that doesn’t terrify you, nothing in this movie will. If you want to see a scary Christmas movie, maybe you should watch Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas or something. This movie will take your Christmas spirit and destroy it. Literally.

So the movie starts out when this kid Max (Emjay Anthony) is being picked on by kids at a Christmas program because he still believes in Santa Claus. To make things worse, his family doesn’t have time for their usual holiday traditions and his loud, hick relatives are coming to stay for a week. So all of his Christmas spirit is completely demolished and it looks like Max has no hope… And that’s when the power goes out and strange things begin to happen.

But that’s all that I can say without ruining the movie for you.. Although the movie is already ruined by the plot and everything else. I seriously thought this movie was a comedy. It will be in your best interest to see ANYTHING else this year.

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