Photoshopping Jared Scott

Have you every wished you could put your self in someone else’s shoes, or be at a famous event in history? Well, senior Jared Scott did, until he found the power of Photoshop.

“It began when I saw one of Sydney Schoonmaker’s photos,” Scott said.

Over the past two weeks, Jared put himself on the Titanic, in the shoes of Captain America, and on TV with Ellen Degeneres. Jared’s first piece was when he cropped himself into a group picture of The Muppets.

“Mr. Morley came up with the idea of me being with the Muppets,” Scott said.

Jared has been putting his pictures onto his Facebook page, and he was not surprised with the love he received. Each of his pictures reached 50 or more likes, and 16 people shared it. Some people even put statuses up about Jared’s pictures.

“It’s pretty sweet getting all the support and the ideas I get when I’m making them,” Scott said.


With all the ideas Scott and his friends are coming up with, it is getting a little overwhelming. Depending on the project Scott is working on, the time spent needed can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, sometimes longer. It takes Jared multiple steps to get the perfect crop for his photos.

“First you have to get the right picture, then once you have the right picture, you have to take a picture that fits that picture you chose, Scott said. “Then you have to decide what you want to do to that picture. Once that is all figured out, the approach you want to take on it, then you go to work and get it done.”

Jared and his photoshopping have put many laughs into people’s day, and he continues to continue doing so.

“It makes me feel pretty good when I make people happy,” Scott said. “It makes me wanna keep doing it.”

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