Girls Split With Bellaire

On Wednesday night, the junior varsity girls won 36-18 on their home court against Bellaire. Last year the JV girls lost big time against Bellaire, but last night was a different story. This was definitely a game changer for the girls.

The first quarter the girls came out strong, thirsty for a win. After the first quarter the Bulldog girls had a total of 9 points, while Bellaire had only 4 baskets. The JV’s defense shook up the Eagles and took them by surprise. Coach Goodwin from Bellaire said that his team was intimidated by freshman Jaimee Vizina, because of her excellent footwork and how well she put pressure on the guards.

The leading scorers were Hailey Shank with 16 points, Hannah Green with 5 points, Sydney DePauw with 5 points, and Camryn Glynn with 5 points.

“As a team I think we played our best the offense and defense we played this year,” freshman Abby Makowski said.

Varsity, on the other hand, lost 24-33. Cloe Mallory led with 11 points and 10 rebounds.

“Honestly, I don’t think it was the worst game we’ve ever played,” sophomore Lexi Brendly said.

In the first quarter the team ended up with 5 points and were only down by three. The girls were working hard beat the Bellaire 1-2-2 trapping half court press. During the second quarter they added 6 more points. Their defense was a little weak during this quarter, letting Bellaire score 12 baskets. The low scoring continued, with the lady Bulldogs never able to overcome the deficit from the first half.

“I think our team did really well besides turnovers for sure,” freshman Mara Clancy said.

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