7/8 Girls Seasons End With Losses

On December 2, the seventh and eighth grade girls played their last game at home against their toughest competition to date. They had not played Bellaire this season, so they did not know what to expect.


The seventh grade girls were never in it. They struggled on defense with help-side guard rotation. When a post player rotated to help a beaten teammate, no one helped cover their player, so Bellaire made numerous easy layups. Bellaire was difficult to keep up with because of their speed, their defense and offense were really tight. When Inland Lakes were on offense, Bellaire kept two girls on point guard Christy Shank. This made it hard for her to pass the ball or make a basket, but a couple of times, she found a hole and went right to the basket. The girls just could not find their rhythm and ended up with a loss with a score of 15-51.

The seventh grade finished the season with a 7-3 record.


“It was definitely one of the best teams the girls played,” coach Ashley Knaffel said.


Later, the eighth graders had their chance against Bellaire. It was a good game to watch. The score see-sawed throughout the whole game. Inland Lakes created numerous steals on defense, leading to fast break chances at the offensive end. During the first half, Bellaire pressed the girls with a full court man-to-man press, creating high pressure the eighth grade were able to beat fairly consistently.


After half time, the girls came out strong. They continued to steal the ball and look for players who were open. The girls were patient with setting up their plays and looking for a chance to get a basket. Bellaire just had a little bit more fire and took the win with a score of 13-22.

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