Basketball Diary

Tryouts on day one started, and it was intense, I will tell you that. We stared with full court right hand layups, then jump shots. After a while we switched to left hand layups and jump shots.

Then this was where the intensity started. We got into our favorite drill: 11-man. It’s a drill where you practice game like situations. You work on things from offense to defense to skills you need to work on. Like, what other drill is better than that?

During the 11-man drill, I unluckily twisted my ankle. I had to sit, but I didn’t really want too. It wasn’t even an hour into tryouts when my devastating accident happened. So I took notes in my head and watch the girls play.

Next the coaches made the girls condition, with lots of awful running.  Then after that, they did a 5-on-4 defense transition drill. We had ended practice with a little discussion, and then we broke it down.

Day 2 of tryouts:

We stared out with same thing – left and right handed layups and jump shots. The trainer said I could practice because I only sprained a couple of ligaments in my foot, so I did. After the lay ups, my foot started hurting, so yet again, I had to sit out another day of tryouts. While the girls where practicing, I was sitting down, icing my foot and practicing my shooting and dribbling.

The girls were working hard on their skills sets, while I was working hard on keeping the ice pack on my foot.

The girls were working on the 5-on-4 defense transition drill again, when all a sudden I hear the girls freaking out because Cloe Mallary had packed Lexi Brendley.

The girls were all over the floor today. They practiced really hard today, even harder than yesterday. When practice was ending, we met up in the middle of the gym again and then talked about the weekly plan and that tryouts were going to last the rest of the week.

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