Exam Preparations

With exams only two weeks away we decided to ask some students how they are preparing for exams. Some students take it very serious, while others tend to just blow it off. Exams are important because the tests are a high percentage of your grade.

“I’ve only ever studied for a math one,”  junior Loretta Gutierrez said.

Some students have different strategies for learning the criteria for exams. Other students keep papers from throughout the year to help them study, when you can save your papers to finish your study guide. A lot of people said that they’re most worried for their math exams.

“Usually when the teachers start a new chapter I clean out my binder and leave them in my room in my desk or something,” sophomore Anna Beardsley said. “And then I will go back to them for exams.”

Some students believe that they will do well, while others get nervous and worked up when the time comes for exams. You should experiment with methods that work for you so you can stay calm and collected before taking the tests. Make sure you get a good night’s rest and you are prepared, or it will make you nervous and you won’t perform to the best of your ability.

“I don’t really get nervous, but if, like, the first 10 questions are hard, i’ll start getting nervous,” Beardsley said. “But if they aren’t, then I’ll just breeze right through it.”

While students still have time to study and prepare, they should use their time wisely and focus on getting a good grade. It’s the students decision to work hard enough to go as far as they want in life. Whether or not you fail or succeed, your grades are based on your performance.

Pass or fail, it’s your choice, your life.  

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