Black Friday Shopping

With Thanksgiving gone and Christmas not far away, parents and families have their Christmas shopping to finish.

Black Friday is the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season, named for the day when retailers theoretically begin to make a profit for the year.

On Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 26, I went to the Walmart in Cheboygan and took some photos of the crazy shoppers pushing and shoving their way to get everything on their endless Christmas lists. At first I was a little nervous to be taking pictures in Walmart, mainly about all of the shoppers reactions. I did not have too many encounters, only a few choice words when I took a picture of some people. The first thing I did when I walked into Walmart was to go and get permission to be able to take pictures. I previewed my trip with a telephone interview with Amy Weston, an employee at Walmart.


“I hate that I have to leave my family on Thanksgiving,” employee Amy Weston said.

Amy has a strong opinion that Black Friday shopping should not start on Thanksgiving. Amy thinks the appropriate day would be the day after Thanksgiving if not the next day, so families and workers can have time with their family, instead of cutting it short.

“I usually have to work on Thanksgiving,” Weston said. “But luckily, I get to stay home with my family this year.”

If employees are not busy during work hours or on their break they can also get some of their shopping done. If she is too busy then she will just go another day or have someone in her family do it for her.       

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