Band And Choir Rock Cheboygan Opera House

On Thursday, March 17, the 7-12 band, the sixth grade band, and the 6-12 choir performed at the Cheboygan Opera House as part of the 2016 Youth Arts Festival. Other area high school bands are participating in the event. Donations of $1.00 went to benefit the Cheboygan Opera House.

The stage lighting set the mood for the musicians and the crowd, something the bands and choir have not experienced at other concerts. The lighting prepared everyone for each song and helped fully bring on each piece’s emotion and mood.

The sixth grade band sounded great. They are progressing nicely and sound like when they join the 7-12 band next year, those that stick with the band program, will fit right in and have an easy time adapting.

The 6-12 choir sounded beautiful, and their performance had just the right mix of different styles of music. Each song brought a different feel to the Opera House. Some made you want to dance. Others reminded you of memories and feelings.

The last to play was the 7-12 band ,and they sounded amazing. All the work they put in really paid off, especially the extra work the musicians with solos took to make their part stand out and add flare to the show. Everyones parts flowed together wonderfully, and their show fit well in the line up.

The Opera House held a nice crowd, and the audience seemed to enjoy the show.

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