Zodiac Signs: the Complications

We may not know it but we all have a zodiac sign that corresponds to when we were born. If you don’t know what a zodiac sign is than here are some things that might help you better understand. The word zodiac comes from greek terminology meaning “circle of animals.” This is one reason why many people refer to the Chinese zodiac signs when saying their zodiac sign.

In western and Chinese astrology there are 12 signs for each month, and each month has their own sign or animal to correspond with each month. Both of these systems for zodiac signs have animals incorporated, but not at all the same animals for each month. For an example, Chinese zodiac signs are said by the animal and western astrology zodiac signs are said by a name to represent the animal along with many characteristics.

When you go into the Chinese restaurant and see your placemat with all of the animals on the border with years on it. To many people the year that they were born in and the animal with it is their “zodiac” sign. Yes, these are zodiac signs but they are different from the western astrology signs. The Chinese astrology shows zodiac signs as animals, and western astrology shows it with signs of fire, water, air and earth.   

There is no easy way to explain zodiac signs. Astronomy is not easy to understand and not many people understand it completely, even if they have done their research. For some reason, once you think you know it all, there seems to be another twist that you missed the first time.

The beauty in Astronomy is the atmosphere of the endless information. Excitement is all around when finding new facts about zodiac signs. There are many aspects to zodiac signs. Every single one has its own characteristics, yet some share some of the same ones. What characteristics does yours have? Do they describe you? To find out wait for your birth month and find out!

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