Your Phone Is Gross

Photo by Ashley Gleason

Everywhere you look and everything you touch most likely has some form of bacteria on it. With practically our whole world covered in these micro-organisms, you may wonder what you just came into contact with when touching everyday objects.

 Mr. Morley and a couple of students wanted to know, so they used an object that almost never leaves someones side – their phone.

Morley and his students borrowed some volunteers’ phones and swabbed them with a clean q-tip to find out what types of bacteria was on them, but they did not stop there. They also swabbed one of the drinking fountains, two lunchroom tables, one of the vending machines, a keyboard from the vid pro lab, two of the front door handles, the keypad in the lunchroom and more.

The results were exactly what the group had expected them to be.

Each petri dish held the germs from a different area around the school, except #1, which was the control. There were some pretty disgusting ones, like #8: the lab keyboard, which had grown a bacteria that no other dish had. All of the petri dishes did have one bacteria in common, believed to be a common cold bacteria, found almost everywhere around us.

Out of all 17 petri dishes that had the growing bacteria, the top four containing the most bacteria were #8, #13, #14, and #15; numbers 13-15 being bacteria found in different parts of the ladies restroom.

Even though we do not know how much bacteria is on everything we touch, we could still stay proactive by cleaning our hands regularly, slowing down the spread of germs and preventing illness.

Keyboards can harbor numerous bacteria. Photo by Ashley Gleason
Keyboards can harbor numerous bacteria. Photo by Ashley Gleason
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