XC teams run Boyne Coed

Senior Makenna Hebert receives the tag from Nevin Thompson as she starts her second leg of the Boyne City cross country relay race on Sept. 12.

On Sept. 12, the varsity cross country teams headed to Boyne City for the Co-Ed race. The race consisted of a total of four laps ran by each team. Each female runner would run two laps while each male runner ran two laps as well. Each lap was one and a half miles, so each racer would be running a total of three miles. For some runners it can help them by having a break in-between each run. But for other runners, it could hurt them by messing up their pace and not letting them run with full potential.

The Teams

41. Fayln Mansfield & Ty Thompson

48. Lauren Vizina & Hunter Bishop

59. Precious Delos Santos & Evan Malczynski-Fairchild

64. Abbi Kline & Matt Hart

71. Makenna Hebert & Nevin Thompson

82. Mara Clancy & Beau Dicus

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