Would You Get Tattoos?

Senior Courtnee Hendershot shows her inspiring tattoos.

Almost everywhere you go, you see people with tattoos. They can be anywhere, all the way down your arms, back, ribs, legs, ankles, and even necks. Some individuals adore or would love to get tattoos. Others are repulsed by the thought of having something permanently drawn on their body. But there are lots of factors that affect a person’s mind when they think about tattoos. People who would want a tattoo think that it’s cool that you can have one of your favorite things drawn on your body permanently, they also think they look “cool” among their friends.

Senior Collette Jankowiak and her vibrant tattoos.
Senior Collette Jankowiak shows off her vibrant tattoos.

People that are repulsed at the thought of tattoos think of the horrible factors of a tattoo. They believe tattoos are just plain unattractive and disgusting to look at, not to mention the pain and blood that comes with it. Also, to get a tattoo you have to have a razor sharp needle drilling into your skin and filling it up with color, talk about painful, and probably highly unclean. Also, in the end, your skin stretches when you get older and that tattoo stretches. Some people might have them surgically removed, but even that leaves behind scaring on your body. That’s why we interviewed two students, Xander Gleason and Christina Mesack Wright, to see what their intake is on tattoos and if they would consider getting them. The first question was fairly plain, would you honestly get a tattoo?

“Well, maybe a small one on my shoulder,” Wright says. The common question after this was why.

“Well, because I really want a tattoo,” Wright answers. We then wondered what Wright’s reaction is when she sees a person somewhere with a tattoo/tattoos.

“I think, oh wow that’s really cool,” Wright says with enthusiasm. If she thinks that their tattoo/tattoos are really cool, does she compliment them on their tattoo/tattoos.

“I say oh wow I really like your tattoo or tattoos,” Wright admits. Since Wright already wants a tattoo, would she feel different about tattoos if she was pressured into getting a bigger one.

“If someone or one of my friends pressured me into getting a bigger tattoo, I still wouldn’t get it bigger,” Wright answers truthfully.

If this person was a friend would she still be friends with that person? “I still would be friends with them but I wouldn’t be that close to them as I once was,” Wright explains.

Senior Tyler Fiolek flashes his motocross tatto.
Senior Tyler Fiolek flashes his motocross tattoo.

We then interviewed Xander Gleason to get his intake on tattoos. He calmly answered no when we asked him if he would get a tattoo. Then we asked him why he calmly answered no.

“Because tattoos are so stupid,” Gleason replied.

“I think I don’t understand why they even have tattoos,” Gleason says. Would Gleason go up and say something to the person who had tattoos?

“Well, it really matters who it is,” Gleason explains. Gleason compared with Wright when he explains what he would do if he was pressured into getting a tattoo.

“I would just say no until they got the point,” Gleason says bluntly. If the person was a friend would he still be friends with that person?

“I would still be friends with that person but I would just explain why tattoos are stupid,” Gleason answers.
It really depends on the person. All different people have different tastes in different things. But when you think about tattoos you can look at the good factors, but you also have to look at the bad factors.

Junior Lizzy Skinner displays her newest tattoo.
Junior Lizzy Skinner displays her newest tattoo.

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