Who is your favorite basketball player

Basketball is a huge sport, you can watch it in every country. Students are not the only big fans of this sport, but retired old grandpas are too. There are lots of good players in the NBA league, but who is your all time favorite player? Which team do you hope to win the championship in 15-16 season?

image(Both Ian Daily and Shao Chao have James Harden jersey)

“Damian Lillard, He’s under rated, but after time and time you can watch his real perform on the court. And he also involves with his fans. He is a good person, won’t go to party that much like KD. ” senior Andrew Dufek said, he thinks if OKC to win the champ will be cool. Ms.Cain thinks Magic Johnson is the bomb “He makes his teammates better.” Maybe just like algebra makes your life better.

Mr. Beltz’s favorite team is the Detroit Pistons, but they’re out of the playoffs, so he’d rather see Golden State win the championship. Mr. Betlz picked Grant Hill as his favorite player because he plays good quality games.

“J. J. Redick, he reminds me a lot of myself, he is a good shooter.” Mr.Mahoney said. He also been to a Piston’s playoff vs CAV 7 years ago to watch LeBron James “It is pretty fun We sit at the very front, about row seven.”


Every player has their signature move or style, my favorite player is James Harden. I like him a lot because he has a sharp euro steps and his amazing magical, legend BEARD. He had a poor childhood, his dad was in the navy but after retirement he sunk into drug that made him go in and out jail. James Harden’s name is “James Edward Harden Jr.” but because of the strong dislike of his dad, he always write his name without “Jr”. Harden had a great GPA during high school, his fantastic grades and hard work every practice made his coach teach him his signature move  the”Euro Step”.

Anthony Davis is also a rising star in the league. He also has a special looking brow. A sport magazine interview asked him why he has never shaved his eyebrow? “Eyebrow is a typical frame of a person” he answered. I wanted to know how people think about both of them, so I made a chart to ask my friends that if they had a brother, would they rather him have James Harden’s beard or Anthony Davis eyebrow. As the result, I asked 35 random people on the hall and found out that 27 people would rather their brother have the Harden Beard than Davis’ unibrow (which only received eight votes). “If my brother grew beard like James Harden, I would be jealous, so I pick eyebrow.” Junior Jared Blumke said.

Everyone has their own choice, it may look confused like James Harden’s Beard, but it also will be special like the unstoppable fashion beard!

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