What Will The Next Chucky Movie Be About?


We all know and love him for the sadistic, killer doll that he is, but have any of the fans actually asked, “What will the next Chucky movie be about?”

We’ve already seen the legendary Charles Lee Ray go from a killer on the streets to a seemingly cute and harmless (enough) looking Good Guy doll in Child’s Play. In Child’s Play 2 we saw that Andy is still trying to get away from Chucky’s deep desire to take his soul and body as his own.

In Child’s Play 3, Andy was now in military school, and Chucky’s still after him. Chucky gets caught up in some new character drama and dies, supposedly, for the third and last time.

In Bride of Chucky, Chucky “gets lucky”, as the box art and poster for the movie suggest, as another doll, Tiffany, who was originally one of Charles’ old girlfriends, comes into the mix, as she is transformed into a doll by rather unwanted circumstances.

Seed Of Chucky brings back Chucky and Tiff in yet another gory adventure, and they end up with a creepy abomination of a baby.

In Curse of Chucky, we learn a bit more about Chucky’s past, but where else does the series have left to explore?