What It’s Like To Be A Drama Geek

With the play The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer finally over, the drama crew can take a break. Mr. Jacques’s  drama class had worked for four months on the production in order to make it a success. This production had a smaller cast than normal, but it had the largest amount of seniors.

“I have six years of experience,” senior Ian Dickinson said. “I am probably one of the few people that can actually say that they have accomplished that.”

But having that amount of involvement isn’t everything. Art and set design play a major role in an ongoing production. Plus, knowing how to execute proper lighting and sound is key.

“Being in charge of lighting is pretty fun, but you have to pay attention or else you will mess up,” senior Connor Dennis said. “I guess Jacques picked me to do it because I know what I’m doing and I have done it before.”

Another thing that defines drama is the costumes and makeup. Sometimes you can be a beautiful princess, or you can get straddled with being a flying monkey with your whole face painted up. Either way, good costumes are a key component in generating a good play.

“Doing makeup for the play can be stressful because you have to get everyone ready for the play in a small time frame,” makeup artist Mackenzie Wiser said. “Mainly with the fact that the guys won’t let you do their makeup. But in the long run, it’s something that I’m good at and really enjoy.”

But it’s not all work and no play, drama is a class where you can be comfortable and as goofy as you want to be.

“When we are at rehearsals, we can really act like ourselves. Even though we have to remain professional most of the time, we’re given opportunities to goof off,” senior Parker Kandt said. “For instance, before every show we usually have a dance party.”


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