We Are Making A Movie

Austin Wagar and Braden Friske set up a camera to shoot during first hour.

Students Austin Wagar (Director, Screenwriter), Chris Murray (Executive Producer and Cameraman), and Adam Harig (Cameraman) are making a movie. The movie Me, My Mirror follows the inner thoughts of the main character, Matt.

“It’s kinda like, what you think about yourself. What if the voices came to life as a whole other person and was able to speak those feelings directly?” Wagar said. “The fact of how rude and inappropriate this person is and sticking up to those feelings and other people.”

It is a movie with a message.

“You shouldn’t see yourself as a bad person. A lot of people have mixed emotions about themselves, like how they look and how they are viewed as an individual,” said Wagar. “We need to broaden our horizons and look at yourself as a good person.”

The team has been getting a ton of support from the community and school.

“It’s a very high level of support,” Harig said. “It’s amazing how much people have been supporting us.”

A great cast is essential in making a movie. Harig talked about who he wanted on the cast.

“Doesn’t really matter as long as we have people who are willing to cooperate.”

There is not a deadline for the movie to come out.

 “We don’t want to rush the process,” said Murray.

Wagar is the main writer of the film.

“Mainly Austin, but if Adam and I have ideas, we’ll tell him about them,” said Murray.

They plan on having a fundraiser on October 16, $10 per student, 18 years or older $25, and kids under the age of 12 get in for free. You come listen to the three guys talk, eat some appetizers, and have some fun. 

UPDATE: 10-11-16 The fundraiser has been canceled

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