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There is an intriguing site that most young adult authors join when their dream to become an author takes a hold of their life. This site is called Wattpad, an unusual but creative name for a site. The site is basically all books! It is a dream come true for book lovers. This site lets you publish your own stories on the site for other author to read, vote, and comment. The site is very fun and you can follow other authors and other authors may follow you. You can also chat with your followers and fans if you have any.

But becoming an early author can take a huge amount of effort. Your books have to be intriguing and there is lots of obstacles that you have to go through to make your book a huge success. There has to be a plot and there has to be action and something that grabs the reader and wants them to never stop reading the book. That’s how you get reads and votes. Also a pretty neat cover and descriptions help attract readers to start reading your book. We interviewed four people Ashley Gleason, Melissa Schoolcraft, and Austin Wagar that have the site to get their opinions and achievements on the site. First things first we need to know when they downloaded wattpad or when they created an account.

“I downloaded wattpad on March 14, 2014,” Ashley Gleason says with the precise date she downloaded wattpad. We then wanted to know how she found out about the amazing site.

“I found out about the site by a student who used to go here, her name was Becky Hartman,” Gleason answers. Since Gleason decided to download to app we wanted to know how she reacted when she found out about this site.

“I thought it was a really cool idea that there was site where you could go and write stories and share them with other people to read,” Gleason says. Like most young writers on wattpad they have been writers before they discovered wattpad and we wanted to know if that case was true with Gleason.

“Well, before I found out about wattpad I wrote a children’s book,” Gleason says while laughing a little. Like every author everyone has a different category they like writing in.

“I’m really obsessed about writing romance novels,” Gleason admits. Also every author has a different way of telling a story.

“I prefer to tell the story in first person better than third person,” Gleason answers. Now we moved onto their success on wattpad and what they accomplished like for instance what novels they published and which one is their most popular one.

“I’ve wrote one book in 2014 it was really popular and it had nine hundred reads, then a few months later I published one and I even had a sequel to it and it was also popular but I ended up deleting it, now I have a few books published and my most popular book now is Unperfectly Perfect,” Gleason explains. Since her most popular book is Unperfectly Perfect we decided to ask how many reads and votes she had.

“I have one thousand one hundred ten reads and one hundred and twenty votes,” Gleason answers proudly. Sometimes authors receive comments about their books, some can be postive comments, other unfortunately can be negative.

“I have two votes all together on Unperfectly Perfect and one of them is negative and the other one is me replying to the comment, since it was negative I decided to delete it,” Gleason replied.

Our next interview was with Melissa Schoolcraft. A student who also has a wattpad account.

“I downloaded wattpad on July 7, 2014 and that is when I was in seventh grade,” Schoolcraft responds when we asked her our first question. We then asked who told her about the site and we were surprised to hear that we were interviewing the same person who told Schoolcraft about it!

“I found out from Ashley Gleason, she gave me a piece of paper with the name on it and she told me to download it,” Schoolcraft admitted. We then asked her reaction and she said that she was pumped about the site. We then wondered if she was a writer before wattpad.

“Yes, I was, I wrote a story when I was in sixth grade,” Melissa answered truthfully. Schoolcraft differed from Gleason when it came to what type of books she writes.

“I write mostly science fiction, teen fiction, actually anything that has to do with fiction,” Schoolcraft explains. Then we asked if Schoolcraft prefers first person or third person better when telling a story and she differed with Gleason and took the third person side.

Lastly we had the male’s point of view on this subject. We interviewed Austin Wagar to get his point of view on wattpad.

“I got it back sometime in 2014 and I just started by writing small fan fiction about video games under a totally different account and I got thousands of reads on them but I didn’t want my account to only be known for fan fictions, I wanted to write actual stories so I created a new one just last year and I have been using it ever since,“ Wagar says. Wagar then differed from Schoolcraft and Gleason when he explained how he found out about wattpad.

“I always try to find sites that will let me writes stories and display my works for other viewers to see,” Wagar says. His reaction to the site was also very similar to Gleason’s and Schoolcraft’s reactions.

“I was really excited about the site, I immediately started coming up with different types of books I could write,” Wagar notes. Wagar’s time line of writing tops both Gleason’s and Schoolcraft’s time.

“I’ve been writing before wattpad for about three years,” Wagar estimates. Unlike Gleason and Schoolcraft, Wagar didn’t really pinpoint his category in writing.

“My categories are all over the place, sometimes I’ll write adventure sometimes I’ll write romantic tragedies so I really can’t pick one category to stay in,” Wagar explains. Wagar then takes sides with Gleason, he agrees with Gleason that he prefers writing in first person then he does in third person. Then we moved onto Wagar’s achievements.

“Well right now I have one novel published on the website, then I have around ten novels that are just drafts and aren’t published. My book that is published has around two thousand five hundred reads and around five hundred votes,” Wagar explains. Wow! That is an amazing accomplishment! Then we asked if Wagar had any comments and if he did if they were positive or negative.

“I don’t know how many comments, I have probably somewhere under one hundred and all of them are positive saying how much they like the book,” Wagar says.
Wattpad is an amazing site if you are hoping to become an author. Remember even if you don’t get many votes or reads on your book, don’t give up! It takes awhile before your books starts getting more reads and who knows maybe you’ll become an amazing author in time.a6044fd3a88acd5043860484db972ca6

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  1. Many people use the wattpad site and I have had it for four years. I’m addicted to it because I love both reading and writing. In fact that is what I am doing on my phone in class instead of working because technically it is helping me learn.

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