Varsity volleyball swipes win from Trojans

On Thursday night in Central Lake, the varsity volleyball team came out with a strong mentality and attitude. This put them ahead in the competition by taking the first win 25-17.

In the first match the team was solid besides a few communication errors. The girls seem to work good together as a whole and pick each other up in tough times. As number twelve on the opposing team was hitting our holes with her serves, bulldogs had to adjust their defense in order cover more ground.

“We knew who the girl was, so we adjusted accordingly to where she was serving, but it was a challenge at times because she would serve super short once, and the next serve she would go super deep in the court,” senior Makayla Henckel said. “But we figured her out and got the possession back in our hands.”

Game two was around the corner and the girls were hungry for their second win. They came out with confidence and strong hitting. Madison Milner and Makayla Henckel have been unstoppable up at the net. they have been slamming balls down across court and unfortunetly into someones face. Milner came up ready to swing and when she did her hit was so powerful it hit the other teams back row player so hard she had to get out of the game.

“For my second senior game, I thought as a team we played great,” senior hitter Madison Milner said. “We still have some things we need to work on like coverage and getting our passes to the setter but other than that, I’m really proud of my teaming I can’t wait to see how this season goes.”

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