Girls take tough loss at Hillman

Mara Clancy led the scoring with 7 points for the Bulldogs against Hillman on Monday, Dec. 18. The Bulldogs struggled in all aspects of the game, eventually losing 58-10.

After the weekend, the Lady Bulldogs went over to Hillman on Monday night, the 18th. The week prior, our girls started to prepare for what they knew was going to be a tough game. No amount of preparation could have made them ready for the monstrosity of mistakes and turnovers that occurred in one night.

In the first quarter, Hillman came out in a full court zone press. Trapping our girls to the sides and creating turnovers is what killed the girls offense. Inland Lakes only had 22 field goal attempts. The team knew that was not nearly enough to be able to keep up with the Tigers. The first quarter ended with Hillman ahead 17-2.

By the time the second quarter started, bulldogs were already losing confidence on both ends of the court. Their defense wasn’t aggressive, and they struggled with trying to get the ball over half court on offense. Being out of their element in the first half resulted in Bulldogs trailing 30-5.

Leaving the locker room after trying to regroup from what they knew was going to be a long night, the girls tried to maintain positivity, but they were about done. They were not communicating well, and their passes resulted in 33 turnovers. Bulldogs were down 49-5 going into the fourth quarter.

As the fourth quarter started, our girls were down, and the bench players were up and playing. With the clock running and the night coming to an end, the girls just wanted the final buzzer to go off. It was an embarrassing, dreadful night for every player and coach.

Final score: 58-10.

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