Transition time for band

November marks the transition from marching band to concert band. Photo by Emma Dubay

As another football season comes to end, so does another marching season for the band.

The transition from marching season to concert/pep band season is a big change. The band has gone from marching every morning in the wet grass to playing a pep band music and sight reading Christmas music for the upcoming Christmas concert in December.

“Leadership style is a large change between marching season and concert season,” said band director Richard Brand. “During marching season the band is lead by myself, three drum majors, and many marching (section) leaders. When we switch to concert season the band is lead by myself and the section leaders which now includes the drum majors.”

An even bigger change is the atmosphere. Even though the band will be at every varsity basketball game, they need to adjust to the more serious concert season. For some this change can be very hard because they are use to waking up in the morning ready to march. This can be harder for the younger band members because they are not use to the change just yet and for the older members, it isn’t as bad of a change because they have been through the change already.

“It is both more challenging and less challenging for younger students,” said Brand. “It is less challenging because the marching and design aspects are taken away, it is more challenging because the musical skills we learn are now either new or presented at a more difficult level.”

Even with the demanding transition, the band is still very excited for the future.

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