Tough Loss For the Lady Bulldogs

Snowbird Alex Hunter fouls Mara Clancy on a fast break during the varsity's 51-8 home loss to Gaylord St. Mary on Feb. 8.

Feb. 9 the varsity girls had played their third game of the week against Gaylord St. Mary’s. The girls knew it was gonna be a tough one but played with heart through out the night. The girls never gave up but it wasn’t enough and loss to the snowbirds 51-8.

Entering the first half with their heads held high the girls start the game with confidence and set goals up for themselves. The team did a good job staying strong on their one-three-one zone defense. Gaylord St. Mary’s was hitting all of their shots and the girls struggled again to cover ground around the three-point line. The girls were putting up shots but were having an off night due to a long week of games. Snowbirds in the lead 15-1.

Beginning the second quarter the bulldogs start to make more buckets but not enough to get caught up. The girls added 5 points to the board, that was the highest they had scored all night in a quarter. The scorers of the night was Lexi Brendly with 3 points, Hailey Shank and Precious Delos Santos with 2 points each and Kelsey Van Daele with 1 point. The girls struggled to break the snowbirds full court man to man defense and had a hard time setting up plays. Finishing the first half Gaylord St. Mary’s in the lead 26-6.

Coming into the third quarter the snowbirds fall back to a half court defense which freed up room for the bulldogs to take the ball up the court. That gave the girls a better chance to set up there plays but still had a hard time handling the ball due to the snowbirds high pressure. So the lady bulldogs try to set pick and rolls but with Gaylord’s speed, it didn’t have that much of an effect. The girls had got out rebounded that night and had a total of 34 rebounds.  The top rebounders of the night was Sydney Depauw with 8 rebounds while Hailey and Precious had 7 each. Ending the third quarter snowbirds in the lead 39-8.

Starting the last quarter of the night the girls are exhausted but keep trying to push forward. The bulldogs get beat back when playing defense, the opponents did a lot of rebounding and pitching the ball up the court throughout the night. The girls didn’t score during the last quarter and gathered a couple fouls. Tyra Fletcher had fouled out during the last quarter. The team had a total of 9 fouls and did a better job of self control during this game. The final score of the game was 51-8 Gaylord St. Mary’s.

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