Three Snow Days Forgiven

Winter brings new challenges for young drivers. Photo by Kelly Boughner

With snow days last week on Wednesday and Thursday, the District snow day count is now at 11 days. The school calendar has five built-in which do not have to make up.

Superintendents can apply to Department of Education to ask for forgiveness for up to three. Mr. Jacobs has applied and been granted forgiveness for three of the snow days.

Therefore, as of today, the District has three snow days to make up. The first will be made up on Friday, May 26. The other two will be made up at the end of the scheduled school year on Wednesday, June 14 and Thursday, June 15.

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  1. I think for future reference there should not be a mid winter break when there are snow days to make up. There is not always a chance to get snow days forgiven. This should be taken into serious consideration. I am not the only one who feels this way it has been discussed widely in social media, as well as, among general conversation.

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