The Things You Find In A Can Drive

The JV and Varsity put together a successful fundraiser for the girls basketball program.

After school on Friday, November 13, both teams raced to collect whatever cans they could get within an hour. Then the girls put together all the cans they collected into a trailer from Indian River Sports Center. The trailer was filled with cans from the top to bottom. Once they got all their cans together they headed to Petoskey to go turn them in.

Once they got to Petoskey, they split into groups and headed to Meijer, Walmart and Family Fair. When people saw them doing cans and working together, some of them donated their cans to them. The girls found some interesting things in the bags from garbage to pieces of clothing such as underwear.

“What is this!” freshman Sheldon Vizina said when the clothes were discovered.

The girls collected over seven thousand cans for their can drive over the course of two days. Their hard work and time to do this fundraiser definitely paid off. The girls raised $744. The girls were surprised.

“I didn’t think we were going to make that much money,” freshman Savannah Spence said. “I was surprised on how much we made.”

After a long couple hours of work, the teams headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and bonding. They played a game were they had to put their phones in a pile and who ever touched it first had to eat ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper mixed up together.

“It was a good idea heading there after the can drive,” freshman Tyra Fletcher said. “But not such a good idea before practice.”

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