Snowcoming Comes Next Week

After the week of exams lies a full week of fun and at the end of the week is the most fun event, the Snowcoming dance!!!

Before the  dance starts is Spirit Week. Spirit week is a fun week full of crazy activities that you can choose to do. This theme for Spirit Week this year is Welcome to the Jungle.

Monday is Decades Day.
Tuesday is Tourist Day.
Wednesday is Senior Citizen Day.
Thursday is Lumberjack Day.
Friday is Blue and White Day.

Also during Spirit Week you are allowed to wear any hats you choose if you feel like wearing any type of hat.

Many students look forward to the dance, while some do not. Some people are not people who normally like dances, so that why they don’t go. Others freak about dances and how fun they are and what they want to wear and who they are going with. Wanting to dig a little deeper we interviewed two freshmen girls Claudia Biskupski and Melissa Schoolcraft to see what their opinions are on the snowcoming dance. The first question asked was how many hours does it take to get ready for them.

“It takes me about three to four hours to get ready,” Biskupski said.

We also asked if she likes getting ready for the dance.

“I do like getting ready for the dance because it is fun,” Biskupski said.

When girls get ready for dances they have a bunch of preparations and we wondered what Claudia’s favorite preparation was.

“My favorite preparation would have to be finding a dress,” Biskupski said.

Also there are different types of styles different girls prefer.

“I prefer short, strapless dress,” Biskupski said.

Some girls may buy expensive dresses for just that one night or some girls may buy from resale stores, and others may just rent one.

“I go to Chelsea’s closet for my dresses,” Biskupski said.

Claudia also says that her favorite colored dress is a blue dress. There are different favorite activities girls enjoy the most at dances.

“The music is my favorite part about the dance,” Biskupski said.

Everyone also likes different genres of music.

“I love fast upbeat songs,” Claudia said.

She also replies that she likes those songs because they are fast.

Melissa Schoolcraft was next to let her opinion to be heard.

“It usually takes me a hour and a half at the most to get ready for the dance,” Melissa said.

Melissa also agrees with Biskupski, because she likes getting ready for the dances as well. Melissa also explains that she doesn’t have a favorite preparation. We then asked which dresses Melissa prefers to wear.

“I like strapless and medium dress, they are not too short, and not too long,” Melissa said.

Melissa also says that she uses a rented dress. We then wondered what is her favorite dress color.

“My favorite dress color is either black or blue or maybe even a bit of both,” Melissa said.

Melissa also implies that her favorite thing about the whole dance is hanging out with her friends.

“I like slow songs better,” Melissa answers honestly when we asked what songs she liked better. We then asked Melissa why she preferred slow songs better.

“Well, rock songs make you too tired to dance to any other songs,” Melissa argues.

If you love dances snow coming should be a blast for you. No matter what songs play or how you dress Snowcoming will be an awesome event to attend.

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