The Puppy Chronicles #1

Have you ever played tug a war? Maybe as a kid?

Well, imagine playing tug of war with two Mastidane puppies that both weigh about 170-180 lbs.

If that isn’t bad enough, then imagine what they are pulling is a bath towel that they aren’t supposed to have so the only option is to win.

Masakeen and Lakoda are 11 months old and nothing but trouble. All it takes is 30 seconds for them to find something to chew on that they really shouldn’t have. They take anything from towels, to shoes, to bottle caps, and sometimes even books.

Just yesterday, they were chewing on one of my favorite books, the one they took out of my hands and ran around the house with. I was sitting in my favorite chair reading my book when my dad called me, I looked up for a second and Keen came up and took the book out of my hands.

He stood there taunting me with it, and when i went to grab it, he took off running. I got up to chase him and Koda thought it was a great time to join in.

I spent ten minutes chasing them around the house trying to grab the book from their mouths.

The saddest part is they ripped pages, and I fell numerous times.

Don’t get me wrong; they are my babies, but sometimes I just can’t catch a break. 

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I’m a senior, I like M&M’s, writing, and loud music. I’m also in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) for the Marines.

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