The New Semester

The week of exams is finally done. That means a new semester has started. Some students have received good or bad scores on their exams. If they received bad exams grades they might be making new goals to do better this new semester. We asked a few students just to get their intake on how they would like their new semester to turn out. We interviewed Christina Mesack Wright, Alexis Lock, and Ian Dickinson. The first question we asked is if they hope that their semester will be better than their last.

“Yes, I wish to turn in my work and do my work,” Wright says. Then we asked what Wright wants to improve this semester.

“I would like to improve my grades mostly,” Wright answers honestly. Then we asked her how she will achieve these goals.

“I will achieve these goals by doing my work and turning in my work on time,” Wright admits.

We then interviewed Alexis Lock to ask her the intriguing questions. We asked her if she hopes that this new semester will be a better semester.

“I hope it will be a better semester but it probably won’t happen,” Lock says while laughing. We then asked what she would love to improve.

“I really want to improve my grades and stay organized,” Lock answers. The we asked her the last question about how she will achieve those goals.

“I plan on achieving by being more organized, pay attention more, and take more notes,” Lock explains.

Then last but not least we interviewed Ian Dickinson to get his intake on the new semester. We we asked Dickinson if he hopes that this new semester will be better than the last and he flatly answers yes. The we asked what he would like to improve.

“I would like to become more eligible for more scholarships,” Dickinson says bluntly. Then we asked him the last question which is how he will achieve those goals.

“I hope to improve my grades, raise my GPA, and applying for more scholarships to achieve my goals,” Dickinson answers tiredly.

Everyone has their different hopes and expectations for this new semester and there’s a lot of obstacles you have to pass to achieve those goals.

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