The Merc With a Mouth – Deadpool Movie Review

Profanity, witty one liners, and enough action to put Stevan Seagal to shame. Deadpool is a truly one of a kind super “hero” that was in dire need of a stand alone film, and now that it’s here, it has turned into a cult classic. This is the film everyone and their sister are, and will be, talking about. So if you haven’t seen it yet, make an effort (just don’t bring your mother along).

Most super hero origin movies start out with a predictable plot. They have problems in their life. They discover super powers, learn how to be responsible with them, and take down the bad guy. Deadpool skipped the responsibility part and had a lot of fun morbidly taking down criminals. Since he may not have a very strong moral compass, he sure doesn’t hesitate to take revenge on other who deserve, which is seriously entertaining. With two katanas on his back and 50-cal pistols on his hips, plus whatever other guns he brings with him, there are plenty of different ways for him to blow off steam.

As fun as it is to watch the mayhem take place, the film does also have some shortcomings, most notably with the supporting characters. The lead villain is just not that terrifying. He doesn’t really do a whole lot for us to hate him, besides torture the protagonist. So though out the movie, our hero is set on revenge for a guy we really don’t care about. Even his sidekicks seem like they are only in the movie to tie Deadpool into the rest of the Marvel universe. Even with these characters, the whole movie seems to be done on a very small scale compared to other superhero movies, which really isn’t a bad thing. The smaller story often leads to some of the funnier moments, such as doing laundry or riding in a cab. Always having a joke or vulgar pun at the ready, it doesn’t matter if its a battleship exploding or him drawing a self portrait. There will surely be laughs as well as action around every corner, which is what we all wanted from this film.

Deadpool gives us what we all wanted for so long – a superhero movie that is just a funny as it is violent. Having a shorter run time then most movies in theaters right now, it keeps pacing just about right. There are just so many noteworthy scenes that all of your friends will definitely be talking about (including the best Stan Lee cameo to date!).

This is defiantly one that you will want to see ASAP, just don’t let your parents know about it.