The Force Woke Up

Nostalgia is going to hit you hard with this film. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is meant to recapture what made Lucas’ original saga so great. Having said that, Its really the new elements that have been added that make this film so spectacular. One of these additions is focus on new characters, along with the stories and humor that come with them. But at the same time, everything old is new again. You get reunited with iconic characters in the series, such as Han Solo, R2D2, and Princess Leia. But what about Luke? Well, we wouldn’t want to spoil that for you…

It has been said that this sequel is just as good (if not better) then The Empire Strikes Back, and it is easy to see why. The Special effects are by far superior to the prequels. This makes it much easier to immerse yourself in the action, and you will see a lot of it in this film.

The Force Awakens has broken Christmas Day records by getting $49.3 million on this day alone! Overall sales are $440 million and counting. If you have not yet contributed to this number, you are truly missing out on a great piece of work.

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