The Best Brother Ever

Abby and Alex Schmaltz are best friends. ©Ian Dickinson

I have a few very close friends, but one of the closest I have is my brother. My brother is Alexander Schmaltz, and he is the best brother I could ever ask for. He is caring, funny, clever, nice, and above all just awesome!

My brother and I are like two peas in a pod. Ever since we were little, we have been close. In family videos there are tons of scenes where it shows my brother and I running around and having fun.

It’s kind of funny because when people first see us, they don’t assume we are brother and sister. But when we finally say we are, they always answer “Oh, now I see the resemblance.” People are also extremely surprised that we are close, because they always say that they are never close to their siblings which is pretty strange in my opinion.

My brother is my best friend, and I could never imagine life without him. I also have little siblings, a sister and a brother, and we are close as well, but since Alex and I are closer in age, we can talk about almost everything.

Now that doesn’t mean that Alex and I never fight. We do, but it’s usually over in a few hours. The next day we are back to talking to each other. Every set of siblings have their fights, but Alex and mine are usually pretty small arguments.

Alex and I also share a bunch of interests, which gives us a lot of things to talk about. We both love to dance. We enter the talent show and dance with each other in a duet. We talk about different video games we are both interested in and make jokes about them. We also are both in drama and are both actors, and we love it. But most of the time, we just sit and talk about different things and just have fun joking around.

This summer I’m going to be pretty devastated.

My brother is a senior, and he is joining the Army. He will be deploying July 6, and he will leave for boot camp at Fort Benning, Georgia. I’m not ready for him to leave.

It will be an emotional time for me. It will be so weird not having Alex around. My house will be different without him around, and drama will seem weird and lonely without him there. I will always love drama, but it will be hard not having Alex there to talk about stuff. Drama is one of my favorite classes, because that is the class I get to talk to Alex in while I also get to act.

I don’t know who I will joke around with anymore. Of course, we will go down to visit him, but the trips won’t be daily. They will probably once a month if we’re lucky.

Just because Alex is defending our country doesn’t mean that we will drift apart. Alex and I will always be the best of friends and nothing can break that bond.

Life will be pretty weird and lonely without him. I will miss him.

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