Teacher Feature: Rebecca Heckman

This weeks teacher feature is featuring the Student Center Coordinator, Rebecca Heckman. Find out what her secret talent is, her most embarrassing moment, and everything in between.

Why did you choose this career?

“I like to use a red pen so, of course, being a teacher was my best option.”

What is your biggest pet peeve?

“It really annoys me when people use disrespectful language in a public setting.  For example, if you and your family try to go out to the movies and a group of people are talking really loudly, swearing, and discussing how much they dislike some one else, that is something that bothers me.  I mean, why can’t we all just get along?”

Secret talent?

“I can pack 40 pounds of clothing and supplies in a carry-on sized backpack. No lost luggage problems while I am travelling!”

What is your middle name?

“Rae”, I am named after my wonderful grandmother Mona Rae Wheeler, who was named after her Grandmother, Lucinda Rae O’Connor.”

Most embarrassing moment?

“Geez….there are so many to choose from, but one great moment is when I was in college.  I was in a huge lecture hall at exam time. As I finished the exam I began to walk down the stairs and I fell…rolled really.  But I jumped back up and continued to leave the room as if nothing had really happened.”  

Favorite superhero?

“My mom.”   

What is your best joke?

Q: What do you call a fish with no eyes?  A: a  Fsh.”

What is something you hate but you wished you loved?

“The cold of winter. Michigan life would be a lot more enjoyable if I just loved being subjected to subzero temperatures.”

If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be?  

“Kohlrabi. High in vitamin C and and fiber, this unusual vegetable is a nutritional powerhouse. It is highly versatile in cooking, but needs to be peeled thoroughly! Get to know kohlrabi and you will like it!”

What is your most valuable skill?  

“I am an innovative problem-solver who can generate workable solutions.”

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