Teacher Feature: Principal Melanie Allen

Melanie Allen is in her third year as the principal at Inland Lakes Secondary School. ©Savannah Spence
1) Why did you choose this career?
Education is SO important. It is the great equalizer. Education is the one thing that once you have it no one can ever take away from you. I really love helping others Innovate, Learn and Share (ILS)! Grrrrr…Go Bulldogs!
2) What is your favorite sport to watch?
Thoroughbred Horse Racing, Winter Olympic Sports
3) What message would you put in a fortune cookie? 
Keep it light enough to travel.
4) What decade would you want to live in forever?
Ohhhh… the thought of being stuck somewhere forever horrifies me. I look forward to the future when interstellar travel is the norm.
5) Happiest time of your life?
Traveling adventures with my own children.
6) What three things would you put in a sandwich?
cheese, spinach, mustard
7) Whats your favorite song but wont admit it?
Gary Wright’s Dream Weaver
8) What is your nickname that people call you?
When I was young, I used to be called Little Mel because my dad was named Mel too. Sometimes Smelly Melly or Smello by my friends.
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This is my third year in journalism. I like to cover things that go on in the community.

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