Teacher Feature: Caitlin Kain

Caitlin Kain helps students in her fifth hour. ©Tyra Fletcher

Why this career?

“I enjoy sharing my love of math with students. There is nothing better than seeing a student start the year hating math but loving it by the end of the year.”

Happiest time of your life?

“Having my daughters.”

What’s the best thing that happened to you in 2015?

“Getting my acceptance to grad school and so far surviving the terrible 2s.”

What’s at the top of your bucket list?

“Running a half marathon which I will be able to check off in May.”

What are you afraid of?


Proudest moment?

“See above (surviving the terrible 2s).”

What is one important skill you think everyone should have?

“Being able to respect others’ differences.”

Funniest student moment?

“Mr. Fletcher mistaking me for a new middle school student when I started subbing here.”

Favorite thing to do in the summer?

“Go out on the lake in my dad’s boat.”

Favorite ice cream?

“Mint chocolate chip.”

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