Students react to Las Vegas shooting

The country music festival that Stephen Paddock shot at on Oct. 1 was in the parking lot on the right. His room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay appears on the left. Photo by Carol M. Highsmith, Creative Commons

Oct. 1 marked the day that the shooting occurred at a concert in Las Vegas, killing 59 people. Even though we have all heard about this on the news, students still have their own feeling towards the topic. This shooting has an impact on the U.S. and on its citizens.

Senior Mya Demello has her own feeling towards the topic that pertains to her in a special way.

“I like going to concerts and festivals, and I feel that we shouldn’t have violence like that at a concert where there is a bazillion of people,” Demello said. “Any type of violence impacts the U.S. because we are supposed to be land of the free and land of peace and stuff like that. But that’s not peaceful when you have stuff like that going on.”

Sophomore Makayla Temple thinks life has changed.

“The shooting affects my life because whenever we go downstate to see my family, there’s always big crowds and now I’m gonna be a little more cautious and a little bit more scared to be in big crowds and stuff because of the shooting,” Temple said. “The shooting definitely put a big dent in the U.S. because it was at a concert, so everyone thought that it would be a safe community to come together and listen to this singer, but then it turned into something that was very deadly. So I think that our security will hopefully be a lot better now.”

This shooting not only impacted families and lives, but also out a new image of America. From a foreign perspective, senior exchange student Lili Seroussi has her own views on the topic as well.

“For three months, I woke up with [#prayfor] on my phone back in France,” Seroussi said. “It’s sad to say, but I think that people are actually getting bored with it. So I just hope that people back there in France actually react in a good way. I think that they will be more compassionate with the U.S.”

Her words should act as a warning.

“To be quite honest, the U.S. doesn’t have a good reputation in Europe,” Seroussi said. “In France, Donald Trump is hated so that’s how the US got worse and worse and worse. Not to mention that you guys are actually allowed to have guns in your house.”

The Las Vegas shooting not only directly impacted families and lives but also continues to perpetuate a growing, unfavorable image of America. 

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