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washing the family dog

Since the first day I arrived, it has been 280 in America. I came to a brand new place that I’ve never heard of called, Indian River, Michigan. Snowing and freezing, for a little Taiwanese kid, who only seen snow once is pretty scary.

After I came here, living is simple and basic, don’t need to dress up in fancy way to make people recognize you because everyone here already knows your name as detail as you clearly know how many days January has. There is a lot of time to do things you want, you can count how many eyelashes you have and recount it three times to check is it correct or not. To people on the road, you can ask them how’s their day is going, in Taiwan people are not often talking to strangers you don’t know. There is no rush in here. The time you only need to hurry is when Ruben trying to eat the last slice of pizza.

Studying high school here is lucky. Having much more free time, better tasting school lunch, you have three different kinds of meals to select, and the most important thing is, people you care are always around. After all, I feel lucky to come here, such a pleasure experience. When I come back home, I will recommend my friends to visit Michigan, just like overtime I will tell you how beautiful independent country Taiwan is. I don’t know when I will come back but I will never forget here.

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