St. Mary Takes Wins Over Bulldogs

Tuesday, January 26, the girls basketball team traveled to Gaylord St. Mary for a Ski Valley Conference game.

During the first quarter the Lady Bulldogs struggled to keep up with the speedy Snowbirds, passes being stolen and not making many shots the Bulldogs were left behind, leaving the score 4-13.


At the half the girls took more control and brought the score up to 14-32.

Going into the second half the girls tried to pull their game together, and focus of making their shots and keeping the ball away from St. Mary’s control, but struggled with fouls. In the end the whole team had 14 fouls. Tyra Fletcher led with 4 in the night. Ending the third quarter with the score being 17-37.

“I thought we played pretty good this time around because this time we only lost by 17, and last time we lost by 33.” said Vanessa Wandrie.

Katie Byrne led with 17 points and 11 rebounds.

Final score: 35-52


JV lost to the Snowbirds 17-70

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