Small engines offers hand on learning

A new class has gotten the attention of a lot of students.

Most like that small engines is a hand’s on learning experience. The class is helping people learn how to repair or build a motor. There are a lot of people that are starting to enjoy this class a lot. It helps you get more prepared for what you might want to do when you are older.

Thomas Hayner said he likes the class because he likes taking apart the engine’s and he said he joined so he could improve his skill.

Shayne Bunker said he joined the class cause he thought it would help him out and he said that it has.

Andrew Schwartz said he likes the class because it’s a hands-on learning experience. He also said it’s fun and you get dressed up. His favorite part is reaping the engine.

They all said that they would take that class again.

This class wakes you up in the morning and more people should join. If you’re looking for the skill to repair an engine and learn what goes where then you should take this class.

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I am a sophomore that goes to inland lakes.I like to lift weight's and go riding in the woods on my four wheeler.

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