Seniors Hit The Point

On Wednesday, May 18, the seniors went to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio to set off on their final adventure in high school. Although very few of the seniors did not attend the event, it was an exciting time for everyone else, filled with fun thrills adrenaline rushes and of course some good food. There were multiple shops and mini games that the senior class of 2016 thoroughly enjoyed throughout their course of time at “America’s Roller Coaster Capital”.

There were a few seniors who went on Cedar Point’s newest roller coaster of 2016, the “Valravn”. The “Valravn” does not have a floor so you can’t plant your feet safely on the floor.  You have to keep your feet down and not straight out in front of you. When it starts you’re going up at an angle, but when you go down you go straight down. And you go upside down and sideways a couple of times.

The Raptor was one of the most talked about rides of the day as it showed most of our seniors love for the Jurassic Park/ Jurassic World movie franchise, this ride will leave you wanting more; filled to the brim with twists, flips, turns, drops, bends, and immaculate speed. The Raptor was one of the most suspenseful rides at the amusement park the beginning of this behemoth has the floor drooped down from under you as the ride shoots you straight out of the starting gate.

Another ride was the “GateKeeper” that had no floor on it. Like “Valravn” and “Raptor” there were twists and turns as well as going upside down. At some points, when it went sideways, you got close to the beams that hold the ride up. It had a drop at the beginning like how “Valravn” started but it didn’t happen as soon.

Lunchtime rolled around for the 2016 seniors as they all fanned out to different branches of the park to eat, most of the class, however went to the apparent favored Coaster Drive-In, this sit down restaurant, gave our seniors a very tasteful theme as it was an 80’s themed diner, with a jukebox to boot! Finding this diner was one of many highlights of my day alone as well as many other seniors, after lunch the seniors finally got cozy in their areas of rides versus mini games even though most of us are very diverse when it comes to this, our seniors remained with their “cliques” and still managed to hit almost every coaster before we left that evening.

Every two hours the seniors had to check in with their chaperones and let them know where they were at. At three the seniors had to meet face to face with their group but the were some who weren’t able to make it because they were in line for “Valravn” and had to wait an hour and a half before they could get on. It took a bit longer because they were swapping out some of the chairs.

At 6:15 the whole class met up at the Lakeside Pavilion for dinner which consisted of pizza, salad, linguini, breadsticks and a cookie. Once they finished they were allowed to go out and go on more rides until 8:00. They met up outside of Starbucks and once they were all there they headed out. But before leaving they took a senior picture.

They got back on the bus and made the trip home. They didn’t return until about 2:45 A.M. the next day and made their way home after thanking the bus driver and the chaperones for a great time.

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