Seniors Pensive On Their Last Day

Senior Dylan Hopkins cleans out his locker between classes on Thursday.

Thursday, May 26, was the class of 2016’s last day of high school. It was a pretty emotional day for everyone, from seventh graders to the seniors themselves. Over the years, seniors have befriended many people from all different grades and the fact is, some may not see each other again after today.

“I knew from the beginning that leaving band would be difficult,” senior drum major Kaitlyn Moore said. “I was thinking about it all year, but I still wasn’t prepared.”

Band especially is hard on seniors. Since the band is seventh through twelfth grade and a very close knit group, when the seniors leave, it is like losing a family member. Some come back, but some cannot.  

Some seniors are not quite worried about things. They have complete trust in the younger grades or they are just more focused on college than high school.

“I think drama is in good hands, so I don’t have anything to worry about,” senior Ian Dickinson said.

Athletes feel the same way. They’ve grown close to many other athletes, and having to leave people they’ve become close with is hard on everyone.

“It’ll be upsetting not playing sports with the same people that I have been playing with for the last four years,” senior Doug Langone said. “We won’t have the same chemistry.”

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