Senior Feature: Thomas Trombly

Senior Thomas Trombly joined Mya DeMello and Hannah Green as members of the senior Homecoming court.

The name Thomas Trombly might be easily recognisable from a distance, but there is much more below the surface than what the average person knows. A swift runner for cross country, a second baseman for his baseball buddies, and always a huge confidence booster for his basketball team. When he’s not putting his blood, sweat, and tears into his daily hobbies and activities, he dreams of a career tied to what he loves most.

“I want to go to college at Central Michigan and study for sports marketing and business.” Trombly said. “The connections and the people I’ve met at Inland Lakes will definitely be a help in the real world.”

While there will always be the hardworking, passionate Thomas Trombly everyone has grown accustomed to, there’s also the side of him that most of his friends know. The whimsical, entertaining part of Trombly that has gained quite a liking.

“If I could do anything in the world and get paid for it, I’d party.”

As the end of the school year approaches, Thomas has no choice but to soon say goodbye to the classmates he grew up to be so closely with.

“My best memories of high school had to have been my basketball games, and of course messing around with the boys.”

Of course, it’s not just friends Trombly has to worry about saying goodbye to. Thomas has grown close to multiple staff members from which he has learned many life lessons he will use from here on out.

Trombly commented, “Mr. Nash has been my coach for the past three years. He’s been a good friend to me. Also Mr. Mahoney and I have a very good friendship, as a player, as a coach, and always as pals. Mrs. Blaskowski and Mrs. Furman were the best teachers I ever had here. Last but not least, I can’t forget Mrs. Gable. She does anything and everything around here.”

It’s certain that Trombly doesn’t plan to give up easily when life holds him down. When asked for some last minute advice, he gave an eye opening statement.

“Remember to do your school work but make sure to focus more on just having fun. A lot of people forget you’ll only be in high school once.”

Thomas Trombly is absolutely one of the nicest guys anyone will ever come to know and as he basks in the glory of his senior year, he had something to say for his deer friends.

“There’s a lot of you, and I’m not exactly sure if I can name you all, but you guys and girls know who you are. All I have to say is, much love.”

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