Senior Feature: Stephen Wilson

As a senior, Stephan Wilson is taking a full academic load, including online classes in the student center. Photo by Krillin Nelson

Confident, courageous, and convinced he has a marvelous future ahead of him, Stephen Wilson does not seem too worried about life after high school. Wilson strives for a career revolving around physical therapy. The steps to meet that goal in front of him rely on him taking psychology or pre-physical therapy. Senior year is definitely the time to acquire a fresh idea on what you want to do for the rest of your life. Thankfully for Wilson, he even has a college in mind.

I am keeping my mind open, but my eyes are focused on Saginaw Valley State University,” Wilson said.

While graduating can obviously be seen as a scary task to most teenagers, to Wilson, he sees it none other than a chance at starting his new life beyond school.

I am honestly excited to be done with high school, if only for a change in scenery. I am anticipating starting the next part of my life, no matter how difficult others warn me it will be.”

No matter how close graduation may be, students will most likely tell themselves they are ready to move on to a better, newer beginning. Down the road though, old and friendly memories find a way to remind us of a time when things were simpler. To Wilson, these times will never be able to be replaced.

“If I could go back to one school memory, I would definitely go back to the beginning of any of my baseball seasons. I never feel any happier than I am on that team. Winning games, yelling, and laughing at each other.”

Along with the memories that will follow us around for our entire lives, the people that played a big role in our lives, they’re ideologies, beliefs, and teachings will follow us around as well. While some educators will mean more to others, Wilson has no problem naming the ones who have made a difference in his life, despite the fact that most of their encounters were a joking matter nonetheless.

“Ms. Basgall has had a large impact on me, forcing me to improve my singing voice from the innumerable amount of times my English class sang her happy birthday.”

Teachers will come and go, but somewhere down the line, your parents always play an important role. Stephen Wilson describes his relationship with his father as, “Motivating.”

“I have always been motivated by my parents, my dad especially. In some cases, like this one, he has given more direction than flat advice to allow me to make my own way. Because of this I live by the words ‘If you can’t be proud of your work, you aren’t working hard enough.’”

Like every student that will ever come through any school, Wilson grew up and mastered his own techniques, habits, and skills when it came to passing and succeeding while he could. To share that advice, Wilson stated,

“Anyone coming up into these higher grades, my advice would be to not focus on what you hate, because we all have at least a few of those, and more on what you can look forward to. It makes the weeks go by a lot faster, trust me. Don’t follow the words of others to the letter, but instead use the advice to find the path that works best for you.”

Wilson will for sure leave a lasting impression on the ones who called him their friend. The biggest thing to remember is that, for those you’re extremely close with and never want to forget, we never actually say goodbye. We only say, ‘See you later’.

“Anyone that knows me knows that I like to socialize with a lot of people, so a shout out to everyone in my circle would be much to strenuous and long. instead, I’ll group things off. To Precious and Peejay Delos Santos, for being the best friends anyone could want since they got here in like third grade or something. I have spent as much of every summer at their house as I have at mine and in some cases a little more. To anyone I have played high school baseball with, and football. thank you for giving your sweat and effort for my sake, and in football’s case, your blood, broken bones, and concussions.”

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