Second round of Districts a success

Last night on November 1 at six o’clock, our girls varsity volleyball team took a long haul up to Manistique to play them in the second round of districts. Our volleyball team got the luxury of a bye for the first round. So fortunately for the bulldogs they are on their way down a long path to victory.

The first game was starting and the tension was high in the gymnasium. Manistique had a big ole rowdy crowd that was kinda intimidating. As the girls got going, they maintained confidence and domination at the net with their hits. Resulting the Bulldogs with the first win with a close score of 25-23. Senior outside hitters Makayla Henckel and Madison Milner were slamming the ball down last night. They were unstoppable up at the net. Henckel had fifth-teen kills total and Milner had 12. They were a big factor when coming to the score totals of the night.

The team was gearing up for game two and they knew they had to get a good run going to set the pace for the rest of the night. Junior Tyra Fletcher contained five kills (including the last point of the night) and fifteen digs. She got caught up on a few pushes to the back corners of the court in the back row and was struggling with her serves. Sophomore Shaylee Micheal had two blocks last night that were done at crucial times. Also sophomore Gracey Henckel had eight great digs last night that helped sophomore Amber Passino to have twenty-eight assists. Game two was a solid one for the girls as they took another win with a score of 25-14.

As game three came around the team knew they had the potential to decrease the amount of points they have gotten in the previous games. Manistique ended up getting some good blocks down that our girls couldn’t find a rhythm on how to cover, but luckily it only happened a few times. Senior Jenny Shank had some essential serves that were more towards the end of the night that made Inland Lakes’s lead even bigger. She also had thirteen digs by the time the night was over.

The coach Stephanie Ridley and Superintendent Brad Jacobs were so proud of the girls that they were able to stop at Hardee’s on the long bus ride home. Overall it was a successful night for our volleyball team and have big hopes on making a name for themselves in games to come.

Next game will be the district championship held in St. Ignace against St. Ignace at six o’clock tomorrow, Friday November 3rd.

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