Shao's "Kombu"


Seaweed is a common food people use to cook soup and make sushi in countries surrounded by the ocean. But in Michigan it isn’t so, which makes finding a good restaurant that cooks delicate seaweed dishes hard to find. Japan eats seaweed the most and they call it “Kombu”. Most of the time Japanese make sushi or soup.

There is about 60 different kinds of seaweed around the whole globe. Seaweed lives near the water line, catching sunshine gives them energy. Seaweed can use to make furniture. During WW1, French force use seaweeds to make mattresses. Seaweed provides good nutrition helps you to get rid of toxic material that hurts your body. It also makes oxygen, food and fish ground. Seaweed can produce oxygen that fish can breathe under water, there is 0.28 gram oxygen in every liter of ocean water. Small fish can hide inside seaweed to avoid being eaten by their natural enemies. Seaweed is as important as green plants on land, they will not only do photosynthesis but also capture the sandy ground making a balanced surface. They feed fish, sea turtles, geese and sirenia, which makes the food chain work. Farmers also use seaweed to feed cows and pigs, its high protein can replace corn or soybean forage, also lower carbon footprint can help environmental protection. It is a good salad vegetable for people who want to lost weight.  Seaweed also has medical uses to help people who have stomachaches and people smoke too much have bad lungs. Taiwan produces Chlorophyta tablet, it has lutein can protect your eyes, and with rich B12 which can helps you remember things easily. Seaweed can also make lotion, shampoo, body cleaning product.

In past ten years, the seaweed population has decreased by 10,000 km square. Seaweed is a plant that can easily get used to new environment, but human’s chemical reactions are too strong that they aren’t able to survive. Seaweed has rich fiber, vitamins, and also make care products. To keep them alive to help the ocean’s environmental problem, we should do our best job to save energy and recycle.

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