Scoreboard – 6-12 Choir

Front row, left to right: Natasha Bushinski, Cortney Midyett, David Gibbs, Autumn Tucker, Jenna Malczynski Darga, Lilly Campbell, AnnaMarie Gregory, Sarah Masters, Morgan Gainer Second row: Marissa Pfalzer, Skylar Schoonmaker, Shyanne Schoolcraft, Wesley Weber, Callie Hoyes, Adrianna Boogren, Brenna Southwell,Danni Ditta, Kaitlyn Moore, Emily Fowler, Hailey Chevalier Third row: Jasmine Williams, Kathryn Studer, Hunter Freeman, Kaitlin Freeman, Jillian Schultz, Hope Kennedy, Gabby Gibbs, Ashley Gleason

The major choir events included the Christmas Concert in the high school gym on December 3, the music department’s concert at the Cheboygan Opera House on March 17 and the final concert of the year in the high school gym on May 10.

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