Rising from the Ash(ley): Is it okay to talk trash?

Is it OK to trash talk? Photo by Ashley Gleason

Trash talk.

It has become a regular thing on the field and in everyday life, but should it be?

Trash talk usually comes with competition. People have gotten so used to doing it, some don’t even realize that they are doing it. Have you ever said, “We are going to crush you,” maybe “This is going to be an easy win,” “We’ve got this in the bag”? We use trash talk to get you hyped up for the game or competition.

“There was this girl from one of my competitions, Olympic sparring, and she kept staring me down, looks to me and says I’m going to win this one,” Brianna Hurley said. “And mind you, she was tiny, and I had to try not to laugh. I said, ‘Yeah, okay, and she did win in the end.” 

Trash talk can bring you up, but its point is to put others down. It makes you want to try harder and be better than you have ever been, so you can prove that you’re better than they think you are. We trash talk because we know how good our opponents are.

“I was getting ready to pass this girl in one of my cross country meets,” Hailey Shank said. “And she put her arm right in front of me so I wouldn’t pass her. I yelled at her and said, ‘Are you kidding me?’ and then she said, ‘Go ahead and waste your breath on passing me.’ I got really mad and said watch me then I passed her and she eventually caught up to me. She said, ‘I told you to waste your breath’ and then I said, ‘Shut up’ and then I finished one place behind her.” 

“We had Boyne City girls at our home meet and there were three girls in front of the other,” Precious Delos Santos said. “Falyn, Lauren, and I passed two of them, but we started to pull away from each other, but Falyn was in front of me and Lauren was behind m. As soon as I rounded this corner, the Boyne girl and I fought each other to see who can get in front. She shoved me into a tree, so I slowed down and waited to get her in a different corner. I ended up sprinting past her.”

Trash talk is important to competition, but I just don’t believe we should do it as much as we do.

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