Review: Macklemore’s Gemini

Macklemore released an album Sept. 22, 2017, titled Gemini. It has 16 tracks with a total play time of 60:09.

The first track named “Ain’t Gonna Die” features artist Eric Nelly and is an upbeat high tempo song. It really pumped me up. I would recommend you give it a listen. In my opinion, it sounds like a song about the common teen misconception of never growing old.

The second track named “Glorious” features Skylar Grey. I loved it. It is definitely a track to listen to. It sounds to me like it is about his grandmother.

The third track named “Marmalade” features Lil Yachty (also known as Lil Boat). It made me feel nostalgic for childhood, which is what I think it is about. 

The fourth track named “Willy Wonka” featuring Offset is a low beat song with heavy bass. To me, this song sounds like a club song.

The fifth track “Intentions” featuring Dan Caplen is a low beat song that tells about someone who has bad habits, wants to change but can’t. Good intentions are not enough, and he becomes ok with who he is.

The sixth track “Good Old Days” featuring Kesha is a track describing Macklemore’s roots and his home. The track made me nostalgic and was a very good low beat song.

The seventh track “Levitate” featuring Otieno Terry is a soulful song that was very upbeat and fun to listen to.

The eighth track Firebreather featuring Reignwolf is more of a rock type song very good and is a song that seems to be about Macklemore being confident about himself. I would recommend this song for sure.

The ninth track How To PLay The Flute features King Draino is a different kind of song it is a good song that is upbeat and high tempo I would recommend it.

The tenth track Ten Million is an upbeat song that sounds like it is about Macklemore’s work he put in and the result of it. It is a good inspirational song to listen to.

The eleventh track Over It featuring Donna Missal is a low beat song that I enjoyed it seems to be about a break-up of Macklemore’s and the aftermath of it and how his ex keeps using him.

The twelfth track Zara features Abir is a low beat song it sounds like a love song and is about Macklemore’s relationship with a girl he found online.

The thirteenth track Corner Stone (ft. Dave B & Travus Thompson) is an upbeat song about Macklemore’s more ghetto life it sounds like.

The fourteenth track Mirade features Dan Caplen and is a low beat song and sounds like a wistful song about Macklemore wanting his wishes to come true.

The fifteenth track Church features Xperience is a low beat song about Macklemore’s bringing up in a church intensive home and he knows he needs to make amends for all his mistakes

The sixteenth track Excavate featuring Saint Clare is a low beat song about Macklemore in High School not wanting pain and trying to ignore it with music and how in music he found peace.

Overall it was a good album, and I would recommend people listen to it 

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